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FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS (FWB) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to empowering the next generation of digital storytellers. Through various grants, educational resources, and international fellowships, FWB provides youth from underserved communities with the technical training, media literacy skills, and technology to leverage the creative process as a means for interpreting their role in their society. FWB’s flagship fellowship provides funding, equipment, curriculum, and support for volunteer educators to teach filmmaking across Africa, Asia, & Latin America for 10-12 months – fully funded. Fellows teach on a daily basis and students create their own multimedia projects, develop team-building and leadership skills, and learn how to use technology to share their stories.

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I understand that while FWB provides housing, flights, food, & equipment, Fellows are required to submit a $1000 USD fully-refundable deposit that will be returned upon successful completion of the one year contract. *
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